We may be small. But we care. A lot.

Picking up where everything was left off, we're proud to bring Element back, with a determined focus on creating the ultimate customer experience. And that starts by implementing some new measures:

A lifetime warranty on all products

Life happens, especially on the road. But we stand by our LED lights—and we’ll keep standing by them when things go wrong. So, if your lights do break, we’ll take care of them. Just get in touch with our customer service team for a replacement. Claims on products purchased prior to 2021 will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Go play

Adventure nourishes the soul. It’s part of our DNA. That curiosity about what’s around the next corner, or on the other side of that mountain, it’s hard-wired inside us. 

And as much as hard work is important, so is leaving it all behind.

So switch off. Take your mind and body elsewhere. And go explore.

Because the next time adventure calls, you can count on Element to light the way.

Meet the owner

Hi, my name’s Keith, and before I became the new owner of Element LED, I was a customer—and a fan.

Going back to 2019, I always loved how Element was built on two core beliefs: the power of adventure for the human soul, and the need for a passionate community to be served by equally passionate people.

It’s now my mission to make Element LED the ultimate lighting company for offroad adventurers, through the original beliefs that made this company so special.

Together we will continue writing an unfinished story that was just about to get really, really good.